"I believe that the people of Wyoming value freedom, self-reliance and our constitutional rights. These are the ideals I will advocate for every day as State Senator for District 20. My goals will always be focused on preserving our beliefs and enhancing our lives as citizens of Wyoming."

Why I'm Running

Wyoming District 20 has been fortunate to have Senator Wyatt Agar represent the district’s eleven communities in the Big Horn Basin. For the past four years Senator Agar has proven to be accomplished, dedicated, and passionate about the prosperity and well-being of the district. Wyatt has served our communities extremely well by building relationships with his constituents along with alliances with other Senators in the state. Due to the success of his first term I was sincerely disappointed to learn of his decision to decline a 2020 second term campaign. However, I respect Wyatt’s commitment as he puts his family at highest priority. Contemplating the upcoming election, I realize we need a candidate who supports Wyatt’s values, and maintains and builds on what he has accomplished for the area.

I have never aspired to be a candidate and have spent a great deal of time considering whether I should run. But after 12 years of helping behind the scenes in the political arena, it’s time for me to step up to serve the State of Wyoming and most importantly the constituents of District 20. After many years of visiting, my husband Charlie and I fulfilled our dreams and moved to Wyoming. We feel blessed to live in a beautiful area with wonderful people, with whom we have built life-long friendships and are surrounded with a flourishing community of good folks – This is our home! We love Wyoming and it’s time to give back. I am a proud resident of the district and therefore announcing that I am running for the District 20 State Senate seat – Wyatt will leave big shoes to fill but I feel that I am up for the challenge.

I am currently employed by RT Communications in Worland as Marketing and Sales Supervisor. I work daily in many of the communities in District 20 as RT provides telephone and internet services to some of these towns. Over the past four years I’ve developed an understanding of our rural communities – their strengths and their challenges. I have over 35 years of retail marketing and business experience working as the Director of Marketing for many Fortune 500 retail organizations. I’ve managed small and large teams of people as well as very large budgets.

Politically, in 2012 I worked on Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign and was a volunteer for Patriot Voices. I served as the 2nd Vice-Chair of the Greenville County GOP in Upstate South Carolina, the most conservative county in the state. Additionally, I was Grassroots Co-Chair for a tax organization where we lobbied for low taxes and fiscal responsibility. I have also volunteered on many congressional campaigns one of which was Mick Mulvaney’s campaign, knocking on doors and providing marketing support in order to help conservative candidates get elected to Congress.

As District 20’s State Senator I will fight for funding to improve our infrastructure and roads. I promise to use my ability to think outside of the box to develop a plan to increase economic growth in the Big Horn Basin. I will support and work to further Wyoming’s variety of exports, such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, and bentonite. I want to see tourism thrive, adventurers and outdoors people continue to come to our beautiful state. I pledge to focus on helping small businesses thrive and to continue Wyatt’s vision for our important agricultural market.

I will always vote to keep our taxes low and our government small. I support our 2nd amendment rights and am pro-life. I will work very hard for the residents of District 20 so that we will have a bright future in the Big Horn Basin.

Campaign News